We are still waiting on a cure for death, but until then building products may be the next best thing.
There are no guarantees the future will hold the same values as us, so what right do we have to encode ours upon them?
From the pandemic to politics to (closer to home) the great resignation — finding the motivation and skills to navigate any one of the many dominating…
We don't deserve the team we can't inspire. Camaraderie, purpose, and appreciation need to be our priorities.
Why Amazonian thinking and communication tools are turning me into a remote work optimist.
Stealing ideas doesn’t have to result in imposter syndrome. If anything, copying helps reveal our most authentic selves.
Arguments should not aim to win, but instead, inspire a change of perspective
How to Earn the Right to ArgueListen now (15 min) | Designing an argument to inspire a change of perspective. With the exception of genuine injustice (where your view needs to be…
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