Breaking Product
Breaking Product
Create your legacy through work

Create your legacy through work

Why knowing we will be dead soon makes our lives more meaningful
  • Steve Jobs' quote "We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?" as a call to live a purposeful life

  • The role of mortality in driving us to achieve and leave a legacy

  • How the tension between our symbolic and biological entities creates a fear of insignificance and drives us to find meaning through work and symbolic creations

  • The role of culture in providing meaning and helping us cope with the fear of death

  • The importance of finding a balance in harnessing our intrinsic motivation without getting overwhelmed

  • The benefits of accepting mortality and finding meaning in the present moment rather than trying to achieve immortality through our work.

Breaking Product
Breaking Product
A series of reflections learning the best of what others have to teach, developing ways of thinking better and building great products in the process. If you like this you are read more articles: Never miss an update: Or check out my personal website:
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