The Product Manager’s Annual Report — a Poem

The Product Manager’s Annual Report — a Poem

Product manager struggling to do work on his laptop at night
The Product Manager’s Annual Report. Illustration by author

A product manager observes his screen glow

As the winter nights continue to grow and grow

His mind fleeting and a flutter

What has been achieved this year? I ask

How is it unlike any other?

As the annual report begins to loom

A stark absence of accomplishment sucks inspiration from the room

But, not all is lost

A glimmer of hope begins to bloom

Though I may have achieved materially little

Perhaps there is more to glean from the gloom

“A wealth of experiences have I” I utter

“Learning from failure is the real teacher” I sputter

I take pause and stutter

Do I have the strength to identify progress from the gutter?

Surely there are lessons we can leverage for each other

The forms fill in and words from my keyboard flow

As the light of my laptop continues to glow and glow

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